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It seems that there’s a pre-requisite for any New England beach town that it must be quaint and cute, and obviously Provincetown isn’t immune to that.

Deeper than a few coats of mascara: America's gayest city is just joyful, StarTribune.com

After dinner, we advanced back out onto Commercial Street for a craft cocktail somewhere surprisingly posh — our favorite was Strangers & Saints with its garden patio and impressive dexterity at the bar and in the kitchen.


At Strangers & Saints, patrons relax on leather couches while enjoying dishes from the "something to share" portion of the menu.

Flipkey by TripAdvisor names Strangers & Saints their top pick restaurant

Gorgeous beaches, charming lighthouses, unique art galleries, and an exuberant town center—there’s only one Provincetown.

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There are plenty of nice restaurants in town. Try the solid but innovative Mediterranean menu at Strangers & Saints.

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Strangers and Saints is a new place eclectically decorated by Ken Fulk has a good steak and roast chicken.

Strangers & Saints offers intriguing flavors, CAPE COD ONLINE

The decor included lots of dark wood and black leather-covered tables and chairs with brass studs holding the leather in place. There were lanterns that cast dim light and shadows. I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone had pulled out a treasure map. It felt like a place to share secrets and concoct nefarious plans.

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The playfully masculine décor and Mediterranean-inspired menu at Strangers and Saints create the quintessential tavern atmosphere—it’s a sophisticated spot for a fine cocktail and a delicious dinner.

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“Fundamentally, as people, we’re all in this together,’’ said Fred Latasa-Nicks, co-owner of Strangers & Saints, an 80-seat tavern that serves Mediterranean food and good fellowship. “Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, gay or straight, black or white, here in Provincetown we’re a community. But what is a community? It’s about helping and caring for each other and having that empathy and knowing that there for but the grace of God go I.’’

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There are several things on the Strangers & Saints menu I shall crave: The ham and cheese croquettes are an indulgent combination of thickly reduced bechamel, sharp cheddar cheese and jamon that are panko-crusted and deep fried to crispy-oozy perfection.

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This Provincetown tavern was opened by Culinary Institute of the America graduate Fred Latasa-Nicks in May in the 1850 home of the whaler Captain John Cook.

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There’s no easy way to open a bar, but it’s possible that renovating a historic or unconventional space is the hardest. We caught up with three different owners who have gone through this process to get their take on the nuts and bolts of renovation and what they wish they’d known when they started.

NEW, hot, and the best spot for 2016 – Strangers and Saints, PTOWNIE.com

Wondering where PTown’s next hotspot is, the place everyone’s talking about? It’s not “fine dining”—just fine food and a lot more at PTown’s new “ultimate tavern,” Strangers and Saints, in the old Cook sea captain’s home at 404 Commercial Street: a place to hang out amid décor that couldn’t be anywhere but in PTown.

Strangers & Saints offers intriguing flavors, Cape Code Times

Although you can get a 10-inch stone hearth-cooked pepperoni pizza ($18), Strangers & Sinners is really a Mediterranean-style taverna that is all about using fresh local foods, accented with imported and more exotic spices and ingredients to elevate good food to great food.

New businesses find a home in Provincetown

Entrepreneurs are banking on Provincetown, with new businesses that run the gamut from restaurants to clothing shops to even a new bicycle rental store.